A seasoned gift

I bought the sign about three years ago. I was shopping at one of my favorite weekend markets and it caught my eye. I knew it was special, I knew it was for her. But I wasn’t ready to give it yet. I ended up taking it to one of my houses and placing it […]

Shocking surprises

I love surprises. I say that, but I guess it depends on what the surprise is. When I was young I naively believed that any surprise was a good surprise but that’s not necessarily true. A surprise is an unexpected or astonishing event. I like the astonishing part, not so sure about the unexpected part. […]

Honesty mixed with discretion

This week I want to wrap up the communication series with people we know from Work & Life. Work includes clients and business associates and life could include parents you know from your children’s school, church acquaintances, neighbors and anyone who doesn’t fit the “Inner Circle” or “Friends” categories. These are people who know us but don’t […]

A comfortable friendship

We’ve been evaluating different aspects of relationships and how to be authentic in an appropriate way. Today I want to dive into the area of friendships–interacting with those who are close to us (and may or may not necessarily be in our inner circle). At the age of fourteen I attended a conference where I […]

Authenticity with our kids

I want to dive into the area of communication with our children and although this will be written from my perspective as a single parent, I am speaking to all parents out there. By the way, I have made so many mistakes in this area and I am constantly course correcting and asking God for […]

Inner Circle

This week I want to explore the topic of communication within our inner circle. This Includes friends and family that fall into a “tribe” category. These people have your back but also aren’t afraid to call you on the carpet (hopefully in love). If you were imprisoned and had a chance to make one phone […]

Intimate relationships

This week I want to explore the topic of communication within an intimate relationship (with a spouse or significant other) as it relates to appropriate transparency. The honest truth is, I did not succeed in this area in my marriage and I have friends who struggle with this in theirs. It’s the balance of being […]