The price of popcorn

I recently went to the movies with Jake, I somehow talked him into seeing Toy Story 4 with me. It was so much fun! It was spontaneous so we arrived right at the end of the previews (perfect timing if you ask me). I remember thinking, “That was easy,” after we purchased the tickets. There […]


We had moved 16 times in our nearly 16 years of marriage and the last move was perhaps the hardest. It wasn’t a big one in terms of distance (just an hour and fifteen minutes down the interstate), but it took a huge emotional toll on me. We were living in Severance (a town near […]

The middle seat

I like to fly Southwest. But flyer beware: if you don’t pay for their automated EarlyBird check-in or you forget to check in, you’ll typically end up at the end of the B’s or even in the C’s and C stands for “crowded.” Most of the time when that happens you get to pick who […]


What do you think about when you look at me I know we’re not the fairy tale you dreamed we’d be You wore the veil, you walked the aisle, you took my hand And we dove into a mystery How I wish we could go back to simpler times Before all our scars and all […]

Feel the love

I’ve been thinking so much about love lately. Not the Hallmark movie kind of love (although that version is one of my favorites…it’s light, fun and yes, a little bit cheesy), but what it means to love and be loved. Because I’ve learned something over the past few years: understanding and experiencing God’s love allows […]

God in the mundane

I often think of my darkest days and also my most anxiety-filled moments, they sometimes come at me like a flash and other times they persist. There are times when I give them more space as I process the past and embrace the gratitude that history has offered me. God gave me the most amazing […]

Fighting for friendship

I’m really looking forward to writing this post because it’s a tribute to a friend of 30+ years. I met her in college after going on a missions trip with her boyfriend/future husband who happened to be my FH’s (former husband’s) best friend. She has always been such a ray of sunshine and is adored […]