Healthy communication

As I have navigated these last few years I have thought a lot about transparency and what it looks like to share the ups and downs of life with the people we know, especially in the “down” times. I thought it might be beneficial to do a mini-series on this because healthy communication is such […]

Choosing joy

The summer between my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college my mom and I signed up for an art class at our local community college. We had such a blast—in fact both of us still have the sketches we did that summer. My mom ended up having some mad art […]

Looking back, moving forward

I’ve had an encounter with the word reflection three times over the last week. It’s been like running into an old friend over and over. This word clearly chased me down so I decided it’s appropriate to pay it homage in this week’s blog. Reflection is defined as giving something serious thought or consideration. The prefix […]

The list

Do you look in the mirror and pain stares back at you? Pain is a cruel roommate. It finds your wound and pours in the salt. It sniffs out bruises and pokes relentlessly at them. It seeks out a broken heart and laughs as we curl up in our own heartache. But pain is also […]

Navigating the hard days

I want to post a journal entry from November 23, 2015. This was a particularly tough day in my journey and I wrote about the details of how I prepared myself to make it through that day. I hope this gives hope and encouragement to those who need some practical advice. During a difficult season we […]

A slight inconvenience

I scanned my digital boarding pass as I boarded the plane and then powered down my phone and tucked it into my purse. I picked a window seat right behind the exit row and as soon as I could, I popped open my computer and paid for the painfully slow internet service. I paced myself […]

Long and painful

One of my close friends is going through a divorce right now and as we were talking this week, I felt like it was time to share some how-to’s for the tough parts of our journeys. I have a heart to help those who find themselves facing hard things in life…things that are difficult to prepare […]