What do you have to ooze?

I vividly remember one day that my spirit was severely crushed by something my FH (former husband) said to me the night before. I had cried quietly as I fell asleep and we woke up not speaking to each other, something that had become all-too common. After I dropped the boys off at school I […]

Pocket change

I remember the game. I was in elementary school and my mom told my brother and I we had a challenge: to collect as much change as we could find. Our reward would be a trip to Burger Chef. It was a scavenger hunt of sorts and oh how I loved things like that. Burger […]

Removing hurt from pain

We were created to feel pain. Think about it. Pain protects us. When we touch a hot fireplace, we pull back quickly in pain. The swift response keeps us from getting badly burned. The shooting pain in your back sends a message that you need to rest and treat it. These signals force us to […]

The ring

I remember so clearly the afternoon I removed my wedding ring. My FH (former husband) was still staying at the house and was in the master bedroom wrestling with the boys. There was laughter, loud thumps then more laughter. To an outsider our home had the sounds of a happy family, but my heart was […]

The circumstances matter not

The city has been doing construction work behind my house for months now. They started about six months ago and I can report that as of 6:50 this morning, they are still going strong. I woke up to the “beep, beep, beep” sound I’ve grown accustomed to and within seconds, my head was buried deep […]

Here comes the sun

This week I’m going to share from a vulnerable place because I think there might be others who struggle like I do. I recently came through a challenging season where I felt worn down and discouraged. As I was assessing and trying to identify my feelings at their root, I realized that I was dealing […]

Love and miracles

He waited until almost the end of the service to make his move. Todd White was wrapping up his session at Charis Bible College when Angelo got out of his seat, bent over, scooped up his wife and made his way toward the stage. Todd noticed him approaching and paused the story he was telling; […]

Salt water, besties and Jesus

The boys and I were at the beach with my BFF, Angela, and her family when I listened to the voice mail from my FH (former husband), telling me he was engaged. I remember hearing something like, “I didn’t want you to hear this through the grapevine.” It was July 2014 and we had been […]

The void of love

I actually wrote about this topic recently but am feeling COMPELLED to write more. God has really been showing me truth in this area and I feel like, just maybe, I’m not the only one who needs to hear it. The boys and I are doing an Ephesians Bible study together this summer. It has […]

Everybody loves Raymond

I had just started my pedicure when he walked through the door. I could tell he was a regular by the way the staff greeted him and he seemed so happy to be there. They sat him next to me and the nail tech helped him remove his shoes and socks before he plunged his […]