Coffee with a friend

I had coffee with an old friend this week. I pulled over on the side of the road of my journey to pause, reflect and celebrate progress with someone very special from my past. Our journey has not been an easy one but sitting across the table from her while we recapped was something incredibly […]

Saluting the past

I am at a place in my story where I have found peace, contentment and acceptance. Those are three really big words that I had to wrestle down and wrangle in—I had to fight for them. They are now a part of my home, my life, and my relationships. Toward the latter part of last […]

Covered in mud

This past summer a friend and I went to “movie night at the park” where they showed a fun flick on a big blow-up screen. It’s so much fun to see everyone with their lawn chairs with blankets, coolers and snacks. There’s a wave of something nostalgic that fills the air. It was pretty dark […]

Nice or kind?

I want to share the idea of being nice vs. being kind. For the last two weeks I have been chewing on these two words and experimenting with them in my little world. Here are my thoughts on the matter: Being nice is an effort to use good manners and be cordial with someone. It […]

A lovely little stable

It was June 2018 and the boys and I got our own rows on the flight to Ethiopia, where our plane stopped in Togo to refuel. After the cleaning crew finished we sat…and sat. Something was clearly wrong because this process normally takes less than an hour. They asked us to deplane and once we […]

Seventy percent great

I was visiting with an old friend of mine the other day (who recently moved away and came back into town for a few days), and we were going through the bullet points—new location, house, kids, activities, work, husband, etc. One thing I really appreciate about her is her honest assessment on things. For example, […]

A vial of venom

I ran into some of my “formers” last week (husband, sister-in-law and father-in-law) at my son’s football game. I was making the rounds in the stands and walked down the bleachers and there they were. We said hi, I offered them clappers, and then I walked down to the next row. I woke up the […]

Will vs. spirit

It seems like I’m always on a scavenger hunt for more time. I didn’t post the last two weeks because I’ve been busy with work and loving on two cute teenage boys. I’ve missed writing. I recognize that writing is such a big part of my healing and I appreciate so much that you read […]

What do you have to ooze?

I vividly remember one day that my spirit was severely crushed by something my FH (former husband) said to me the night before. I had cried quietly as I fell asleep and we woke up not speaking to each other, something that had become all-too common. After I dropped the boys off at school I […]

Pocket change

I remember the game. I was in elementary school and my mom told my brother and I we had a challenge: to collect as much change as we could find. Our reward would be a trip to Burger Chef. It was a scavenger hunt of sorts and oh how I loved things like that. Burger […]